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OMEGA is a free cryptography software created for BSD and GNU/Linux operating systems,
licensed under WTFPL version 2. The name is an acronym for "One-time-pad Message
Encryption & Generator Algorithm". Since OTP encryption is the only provably secure
cryptosystem, OMEGA will reliably protect the full content of your digital communication.

The algorithm is based on the XOR function and uses a symmetric OTP encryption method.
No special servers or certificates for key handling are required. Full transparency of
the source code provides a simple and trustworthy solution. For increased security,
operation on a dedicated red/black hardware architecture is strongly recommended.

OMEGA is a pure Python terminal application and is completely free of charge, but also
comes without warranty of any kind. Use OMEGA at your own risk and be advised that the
possession or use of cryptography software can be limited by legal restrictions in some
countries. Disclosure may result in severe consequences.

Click here to download OMEGA release 36 for Python 2 and 3 as ZIP-compressed source code.

sha256sum omega.zip = b02ffa0092454e9a9f5940882dbc0b20f8889fdb9a8ffeb691602052d53c935c

The following package dependencies need to be resolved: coreutils, zip, unzip

The keys are always generated by ALPHA and the directory "keys" is thereafter handed over
offline to BRAVO, who must then change the contents of the file "sys.cfg" from "a" to "b".

Any feedback is welcome via Bitmessage: BM-2cSsaUfZ6zcSwtZ7bhrNAuE81BRVA89afn

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